The Grant W. Koch Scholarship Fund works with certain camps who meet our high standards of excellence. Our goal is to provide children from Cape Cod with the experience of summer camp. For that reason we only offer the best facilities for our scholarship campers.

If there are any camps on Cape Cod that would like to help sponsor scholarship campers we would be more than willing to consider their programs.

The Brewster Day Camp located on rt. 6a in Brewster, MA is one of the camps that has sponsored GWK Campers throughout the summers. BDC is well-known for its fantastic daily and weekly programs for almost all ages of children. The camp provides traditional activities with well trained staff to guide and educate children each step of the way.

The Brewster Day Camp website

Among our 10 beautiful summer camp properties one of our camps is conveniently located to serve
Cape Cod girls ages 6-17. Camp Favorite in Brewster is the destination for sailing, water sports, and biking camp in New England. Camp Favorite offers both day and resident camp options for girls looking to try new things, build confidence, explore nature, and make new friends. All our camps are accredited by the American Camp Association, whose 250 standards measure staff qualifications, training and safety. Girl Scout troop membership is not required. For the best summer of her life, think Girl Scout Camp!

For more information, please visit or call 617-350-8335.